Document Processing and Automation Consultancy & Implementation

Our intelligent data capture solution accurately extracts critical information from paper and electronic documents, validates the extracted data and passes it to your data management system (DMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or financial management systems. Orders, remittances, invoices, contracts or any other transactional document is more efficiently processed through Content Concepts solution design.


Business Process Design,
Consultancy & Implementation

The Content Concepts team is experienced in the C/DMS arena with specialisation in the Oracle WebCenter (formerly known as UCM) suite of products. The team has also been involved in large-scale projects integrating to Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum systems.

Our workflow and document viewer solutions are often placed in education institutions, MNCs to support submission/review/approval processes.


Productivity Improvement
and Innovation Consultancy

As part of our learning DNA, the Content Concepts team is always on the look-out for interesting real-life challenges in underserved markets. We look forward to investing time and effort to provide innovative first-mover solutions to the problem statements.